Turn-based bullet hell class warfare.  Or maybe any job has its risks, you know?

Enemies only move when you do.  Avoid projectiles and destroy everything else.

Keyboard: Use arrow keys
Mouse: Click in the direction you want to move
Touch: Swipe in the direction you want to move


Visuals, Music, Programming and Design by Benny Heller

Special thanks to beta testers Mandy, Jacob, Oscar and Dusa


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There should be some kind of action replay after end of each wave which shows  what you just did (but without those turn pauses). Seeing yourself dodging bullets and destroying enemy is so badass.

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Great game! I kept dying,but then I realized you can buy upgrades. I would have never thought of a turn-based bullet hell!


Oh!! That's a really fun game! 


Hi there,

Thanks to everyone who has been playing and commenting and everything!  

Quick update: Keyboard controls were broken today, but they should be working now (arrow keys to move).  Sorry for the inconvenience!


Awesome game! Keyboard support?


It's good.